Self Serve Coin Laundromat:
6am – 11pm, 365 Days A Year !



Our self-serve coin laundromat has:

laundromat scottsdale5 large 40lb washers for rugs, blankets, comforters, sleeping bags. Cost is $5.00 per wash for 20-30 minutes per cycle.

laundromat scottsdale18 dryers at a cost of $.25 for 8 minutes. Drying usually takes 30 minutes.

laundromat scottsdale18 top load washers at a cost of $1.50 per wash. It takes 20-30 minutes per cycle.

laundromat scottsdaleChange machine accepts $1,$5,$10,$20s

laundromat scottsdaleFeel safe with 24hr video surveillance.

laundromat scottsdaleSoap machine has Bounce, Clorox 2, Tide, and Downy.